The cross of the Padrón presides over the access South of the municipality of Sant Cugat coming to the BV-2429. Contemporary construction is Greek in style with the ends in the form of smooth flower. On one side there are inscribed the initials JHS (Jesus Christ) and on the other it is possible to read a text that says "Recuerdo de la Santa Misión 1940". La Santa Missió era un projecte de l’Església catòlica en què es muntaven jornades multitudinàries en què els missioners adoctrinaven els fidels i que van prendre molta rellevància després de la Guerra Civil espanyola.

With regard to the cross of Massalliga, des del 1989 It is located in the town of Puigcigró, but its original location was in the shelter of one of the most important roads in the territory, the Via Augusta. During the Spanish Civil War was virtually destroyed until it was recovered at the end of the 20th century.