One of the activities that cannot be left to do on a visit to Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues is to visit the way of the bridge. Sant Cugat Sesgarrigues is located in the depression of the Central Penedès, so that one of the features of the town is that it's fundamentally a landscape plan, that just stands in the South with the mountain of la font del Cuscó.

In the meantime, a network of rivers and streams drain and cross the municipality, that become elements of landscape organisational centres. In this context, the year 2006, the City Council to promote a project to adapt the way, that runs around the bridge Torrent. Here you can see different plant and animal species related to the place of Torrent, Since it is a space where ecological processes are favored. Doing a walk along the way, We can see from poplars, Figueres, Ivy and broom to dragons, abellerols, salamanders or hedgehogs, among many other species in the area related to the place of torrent.