Another attractive proposals to enjoy the surroundings of Sant Cugat is the path marked by the municipality that also can be started from the Plaza of the Church. One of the options is to take the Bridge Street until you reach Calle de Pau Casals and directed us toward the path of the bridge. Here's a space, right from the year 2006, that runs around the torrent of the bridge and where we will find different plant and animal species related to the place of Torrent.
Without taking the road that would take us to the House of the bridge, We have to continue the path of the way of the new hostel (Antic camí Ral), that brings us to the vaulted surroundings of vineyards until we find that we have to cross the BV-2428 to reach Puigcigró. Here we see the cross of Massalliga and is the time when we have to decide if we make the short route or the long.
For the short we have to divert the path of Sant Miquel which leads directly towards the cemetery. From there, you just have to break right down the street from the Common Well and return to the centre of the village.
If we decide to take the long route, We need to continue the path of the new hostel to reach the industrial area, that we will skirt a few moments to find the path of Granada in Sant Pere Molanta. In order to keep the ride, We will have to cross the Torrent de Sant Cugat and, in this environment characteristic of the Penedès, We will arrive to the path of Sagols with, that will take us up to the cemetery. From here, just follow the road of Common Well to return to point of origin.